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Best College/University to learn a Sofware Engineering Degree กรกฎาคม 19, 2009

There are several aspects in choosing a school – what is good for one
person might not be good for the other.

US News and World Report composes each year a list of the top schools for computer engineering in the United States. In those top schools, you can consider yourself a software engineer when you graduate, and even may get education superior to those who have learnt only software development. It lists as its top schools:

(1) MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers “Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering” programme <>

(2) Stanford University (California). Stanford offers the “Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) major”, which “has a blend of CS and electrical engineering (EE) classes, and emphasizes hardware and systems programming over theory. Students can specialize in digital systems, networking, or robotics and mechatronics.” (SOURCE: So you want to major in Computer Science or CSE? <>).
See more:  Stanford University Computer Science <>

(3) University of California – Berkeley offers a B.Sc in “Electrical and Computer Engineering, with specialisation in “Computer Systems (Option III) – For students interested in machine architecture and logic design, operating systems, database systems, programming systems and languages, or digital devices and circuits.” (SOURCE: Degree Programs, <>).

(4) Carnegie Mellon University (PA) stresses much of its degree on software development. See here: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science <> Carnegie Mellon also boasts that “In a five-year study of the top scholars and institutions in the Systems and Software Engineering field published in 2004, The Journal of Systems and Software ranks Carnegie Mellon and its Software Engineering Institute as the number one institution in the field due to its quantity of papers published in leading software engineering journals.” (SOURCE: “Did You Know…”, <>).

(5) University of Illinois?Urbana-Champaign offers a degree in computer science, as well as a certificate programme in software engineering (for their computer science students). Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.S. <>

Software Engineering Certificate  <>
Read more: Department of Computer Science <>

(6) University of Michigan?Ann Arbor offers several programmes in the realm of computer science and engineering. See: University of Michigan?Ann Arbor <>

(7) University of Texas?Austin offers a bachelor in electrical and computer engineering, with specialisation in (among others) software development. <>

(8) Cornell University (NY) offer a bachelor in computer sciences <>

(9) University of Washington offers both a computer science programme and a computer engineering programme <>.

(10) Princeton University (NJ) offers a programme in computer science <>



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